So that’s the story so far: last night I saw the new trailer fo season 2  on IMdb and I couldn’t resist. I tried to cut it and edit with eps0.1_3vil_c0rp.mp3. After some minutes I was very happy with the hack3d trailer I mixed up. Hoping to help Mr. Robot to gain new audiences and not to hurt the authors of the TV series and of this trailer too. Hope you like my fanvideo. My mini-song too.

h3ll0 w0rld, my first EP is releasing on 06-10-2016 and inside those digital bites you will stream or download a song called eps0.1_3vil_c0rp.mp3. I tribute Mr. Robot (Sam Esmail, 2015-2016), cause I loved it so much, cause it was so “true”. The homage is taken by Evil Corp, Elliot’s super-enemy of the first season.

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