Play is the new EP by Coding Candy. 2 new songs and 4 remixes are here to stay. With a wonderful cover art by Marco Goi this album shows different styles and ways to spread electronic music through your speakers.

1 – Stranger In Your Arms
2 – Chr1stm4s T1m3
3 – Goodbye & Good Luck – Mass Prod Remix
4 – Nothing To Be Afraid Of – Frank Sinutre Remix
5 – Gone Soon – Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix
6 – Stranger In Your Arms – Jørgen Thorvald Remix

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Songs 1 & 2 performed by Luigi Cirelli. Produced by Domenico Vigliotti and Luigi Cirelli. Recorded by Domenico Vigliotti and Andrea Rovacchi at Bunker Studio, Rubiera (RE). Tape operator additional engineering by Lorenzo Iori. Vocals recorded by Domenico Vigliotti at Sonic Temple Studio, Parma. Mixed by Domenico Vigliotti.

Song 3 remixed and mixed by Mass Prod at Marmeria Studio, Genova.
Song 4 remixed and mixed by Isacco Pavanelli and Michele Menghini at La Saletta Studio.
Song 5 remixed and mixed by Daniele Baldelli and Marco Dionigi at Ursa Major Studio.
Song 6 remixed and mixed by Gionata Bettini at NoiseCube Studio.

All songs mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maesta’ Studio, Tredozio (FC).

Akademia Music Awards: Best Dance/Electronica song in April 2018

We’re proud to say we won an unexpected prize: More Than Bits is the best Dance/Electronica song this april for The Akademia Music Awards commission.

We were never so close to LA. Thanks a lot for this wonderful award. They say:

“Coding Candy’s new single is a midtempo marvel of electronic styling with the kind of energy that suits midnight dance floor machinations; a riveting offering to the genre.”


Coding Candy Hallihoopa profile page

Hi to everyone. One of the most important feature of the new EP is the use of the sequencer app Figure. I started on an iPhone 4s some year ago, when this software was launched from Propellerhead at €1,99. Now it’s free and it’s possible to share your loops on the social network site from Hallihoopa. From now on, you will have the possibility to download the official loop from Coding Candy.

We’re starting with the single More Than Bits: you’ll find the main loop (taken from the chorus part of the song) and the reprise loop (from the final part). Feel free to download, mix and play. Enjoy yourself!

The new EP is out now

Boyz and girlz, yeah, finally, we did it! The new EP is out now: our promise to have a publication per year is done (for now). More Than Bits is something completely different from last year album, so I would like to know if you like this dancing/vocoding switch or not. You can find the EP on all main digital platforms. From Spotify here we go.