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The first EP from Coding Candy is out now. Go check it out. On BandCamp you can find the wav and flac versions.


h3ll0 w0rld – the cover art


h3ll0 w0rld - cover art-1500px

h3ll0 w0rld will be on digital stores from june 10th. Here’s the official cover art designed by Eu. She also created the graphics on the t-shirts. I hope you’ll like this simple paint as I did when I saw it the first time. See you around.

Rachael is coming back


Rachael Cover

The first song from Coding Candy is coming soon on digital stores. Riccardo Alessandri is the director of the official videoclip, now in production time. We focused on the world of skateboarding in San Benedetto del Tronto and tried to offer a different vision to the song.

The cover art of the single is by Riccardo and the one who’s jumping with the skate is Alessandro Giovannini, main actor of the videoclip.

Stay tuned to know the release date.


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On may 8th, Coding Candy is going to distribute the first official single “Rachael” and the related  videoclip directed by Riccardo Alessandri. The song is freely inspired by Bladerunner (1982, Ridley Scott) and the lovely replicant starring Sean Young.

Stay tuned.