The new EP is out now

Boyz and girlz, yeah, finally, we did it! The new EP is out now: our promise to have a publication per year is done (for now). More Than Bits is something completely different from last year album, so I would like to know if you like this dancing/vocoding switch or not. You can find the EP on all main digital platforms. From Spotify here we go.

h3ll0 w0rld – the cover art


h3ll0 w0rld - cover art-1500px

h3ll0 w0rld will be on digital stores from june 10th. Here’s the official cover art designed by Eu. She also created the graphics on the t-shirts. I hope you’ll like this simple paint as I did when I saw it the first time. See you around.

T-shirts: checked!

Post Image

The first official T-shirts by Coding Candy will be available at live concerts from 1th june at Testa Quadra Festival. The design is by Eu. The printing by Serigrafia Massini Roberta. We have super high-quality white t-shirts for men and women and ring spun cotton versions in color blue for women and navy for men.

The design is a hack from a famous infographic spread by BBC here. We loved the work of Beyond Words Studio, so we thought we could easily share part of their data.

Official videoclip of Rachael


Hi everyone, here we are. Rachael, the first single and videoclip of Coding Candy are available on online stores and channels. Stay connected with our newsletter (the form is down below this post). Enjoy the video.

Videoclip credits

Alessandro Giovannini in Rachael by Coding Candy.

Produced by Art Soup

and SBTSK8

Written, directed, edited and produced by Riccardo Alessandri

Executive producers: Luigi Cirelli and Tommaso Perfetti

Camera operators: Riccardo Alessandri and Giovanni Simonetti

Costume designer: Alessandro Giovannini for Andrew’s